NRL & Associates serves clients in a broad range of industries, including aircraft, amusement, automotive, bio warfare, defense, gas processing (natural and propane), medical, microwave (commercial and military), telecom, and more. Most clients have been with us for a decade or longer.

Our clients count on us not only for superior quality and outstanding service, but also to help them achieve better performance and lower costs. Here are just a few of our success stories:

Wireless company saves $1,089,000 by switching from casting to extrusion

When a well-known company in the wireless industry came to NRL, they were looking for a vendor who could help them save money on a part machined out of solid aluminum. The company was actively considering a vendor from China who would provide the item as a casting and at a much lower price. NRL re-engineered the piece using an extrusion process. Not only was the quality of the product superior to the imported alternative, but the cost was cut by 65% per piece. Total project savings to the client was in excess of $1,000,000.00 over an 18 month span.

NRL partnered to help medical device manufacturer double their revenues

NRL had a long-standing relationship with a medical device manufacturer, providing them with over 200 different equipment parts. When the company announced a corporate goal to double their revenues over a 3-year period without adding workers or space, NRL was there to help them achieve it. NRL vertically integrated processes in-house that had previously been handled by the medical device manufacturer. Instead of hundreds of parts, the client now receives just 31 finished assemblies, packaged and labeled according to the their precise specifications. This enabled the client to streamline their operations, slash inventory costs, and free up their workers to do more revenue-enhancing work.


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