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CNC Horizontal Machining Centers
3 Mori Seki NH4000DCG 14,000 rpm, full 4th axis, thru spindle coolant, 60 tools w/ pallet changer, high speed machining, Maps II Control Renishaw probing system, travel size: X-22" Y-22" Z-24.8" 2 - 2005

1 - 2007
1 Kitamura HX400IF 13,000 rpm, full 4th axis, thru spindle coolant, 50 tools w/ pallet changer, high speed machining. Fanuc 161-MB control, travel size: X-28.9" Y-24" Z-24" 2005
1 Toyoda FA-450 14,000 rpm, full 4th axis, high speed machining w/ pallet changer.1000 psi thru spindle coolant, Mitsubishi 530 control, travel size X-24" Y-24" Z-22" 1997
1 Kitamura H-400 10,000 rpm, full 4th axis w/ pallet changer Fanuc 15 MB control, travel size: X-24" Y-20" Z-22" 1998


CNC Vertical Machining Centers
1 Mori Seki NV5000X1 14,000 rpm, high speed machining, Maps II control, high precision, thru spindle coolant, travel size: X-20" Y-40" Z-20" 2005
1 Femco 21100 8000 rpm geared head, 450 lbs of torque, high speed machining, 50 taper, Renishaw probing system, travel size: X-84" Y-39" Z-31" 2005
1 Daewoo DMV3016 12,000 rpm, high speed machining, Fanuc 18i, thru spindle coolant,Travel size: X-31" Y-16.2" Z-22" 2004
1 Matsuura MC-800 6000 rpm, jig bore accuracy, travel size: X-31" Y-18" Z-25" 1986


CNC Turning Centers
1 Daewoo 240MB Single turret, w/ milling, w/ programmable tailstock bar 2 " bar cap, 8" chuck, tool presetter, Fanuc 18-T control 2007
1 Daewoo 22LM lynx Single turret, bar 2" cap, 6" chuck, tool presetter, Fanuc 0iTC control 2007
1 SNK Prodigy 27GT 4" turning gang tool lathe with C-axis on spindle and milling 2005
1 Emcoturn 332mcplus

Twin spindle, Twin 12 station turrets (high-low) w/ milling, pinch turning, bar feeder 1 " bar cap. Siemens 840D control

1 Methods TW-10 6 axis, Twin spindle, twin 12 station turrets, w/ milling, bar feeder 1 5/8" bar cap, 6" chucks, Fanuc 16 TT control, 1000 psi high pressure coolant, tool presetters 1996
1 Femco Durga 25E 10" diameter turning, w/ tail stock, Fanuc O-T control, 8" chuck, 24" between centers, tool presetter 1995
3 Takamaz X-10 6" diameter turning w/ auto loaders 1999
1 Tsugami ST-600 Swiss turn lathe, 9 axis, milling, and bar feeder 1998


Wire EDM
1 Mitsubishi FX-10K 4 axis w/ fine machining option, auto wire feed (working cube size 8 x 9 x 11) 1999


Fabrication Equipment
1 Integrated robotics IRB2400 5 axis ABB robot w/6 ft arm, .0023 repeatability over working cube, Bullseye II torch calibration system Smartac weld joint detection system, ABB robotstudio 5 axis Programming software w/ ArcWeld PowerPac. Fronius transplus synergic 5000 digital mig weld machine
1 Calypso waterjet Hammerhead system 5’ x 10’ travels, 30 hp 60,000 psi pump*
1 CNC Plasma table Thermal Dynamics plasma cutting system 4' x 10' travels
1 Miller 350 P Mig welder, Processes: MIG, flux cored, and pulsed MIG, and Aluminum.

Lincoln 225 Precision Tig

TIG, AC TIG, pulse TIG, and Stick
1 Lincoln Idealarc 300 amp TIG AC / DC, Stick
1 Lincoln Power Mig 350 MP Multi-Process capable. Welds MIG, flux-cored, stick, TIG, pulsed MIG advanced processes like pulse-on-pulse MIG for Aluminum
8 Lincoln 215 Power Mig welder
2 Miller Dynasty 200 DX TIG, AC TIG, pulse TIG, and Stick
1 Miller Syncrowave 250 DX TIG, AC TIG, pulse TIG, and Stick
1 Adira Press brake QHD CNC Press Brake 10 foot, 115 ton
1 Accupress 725012 CNC Press Brake 12 foot, 250 ton
1 Pacific J75-10 CNC Press Brake 10 foot, 75 ton
1 Americor Rolls LH 160/5 plate rolls
1 Adira shear Shear, " x 10 foot, w/ 25.5 power back gager.
1 Accurshear Shear 3/8” x 12 foot, w/ CNC back gage
1 Geka 100P Iron worker
1 Geka 80 Iron worker


1 Cosen CO320NC CNC horizontal bandsaw w/ bundle cutting. Hold +/- .005 on saw lg
1 PMC Vertical band saw


Manual Equipment
1 Wacheon Engine lathe 17" x 14"
1 Hardinge Second operation lathe
1 Alliant Manual milling machine 9 x 42 table, 3HP
1 Bridgeport Manual milling machine 9 x 42 table, 3HP
1 Avery 4 spindle gang-type drill press
1 Trinco Glass beader, dry blast
1 Chevalier Tool and cutter grinder
1 Helicoil Helicoil insertion tool
1 Pem Pem insertion press


Inspection Equipment
1 DEA Mistral CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine w/ surfacing (working cube size 39 x 30 x 20)
1 DEA Mistral CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine w/ surfacing (working cube size 29 x 30 x 20)
1 Brown and Sharp Microval III Coordinate Measuring Machine
2 14" optical comparators w/ edge detection
1 SJ201 surface tester
1 SJ400 surface tester with curve capabilities

NRL is ISO 9001:2000


Parts Cleaning/Tumbling
1 Phillips Ultrasonic vapor parts cleaner
1 Landa SJ-15R Heated auto parts washer w/ 7 day programmable cycle, 350 lb capacity
1 Rotofinish 7.5 cubic ft tumbler w/ auto parts separator
2 Rotofinish 3.0 cubic ft tumblers


Assembly Facilities

NRL's assembly floor is 4500 sq ft of Climate controlled facility, which will have a clean room, (level still to be determined) that will meet FDA requirements for mechanical and electronic assemblies in the Medical arena. There will also be testing facilities for O2 cleaning, along with electrical testing.


Manufacturing/Engineering Department

NRL offers a complete Engineering and Tool Design Department which utilizes CAD/CAM software to produce state-of-the-art workholding solutions for today's marketplace. The CAD systems takes advantage of 3D files in solids, surfaces or wireframe format. The CAD/CAM system allows NRL to program directly from customer-supplied part files. Our CAM capabilities are: 5 axis in the milling and EDM section and 4 axis in the lathe section.


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